All natural stones have unique variation in color and pattern. Customers should be made aware that Marble and Granite are products of nature and, as such, are subject to natural variations in color, surface texture, spotting, chipping, pitting and fissures. The unpredictable characteristics are what add to the natural beauty of the stone. We encourage our customers to view the slabs for approval, prior to fabrication.

When a project (countertop, fireplace, vanity, floor, bathroom etc.) is confirmed a template would be scheduled and 50% deposit required. The remaining 50% will be collected at time of installation.

When we arrive for templating, we ask that you have cleared your countertops and keep the work area free of any objects. This will help us finish the template efficiently and accurately. Sinks, cooktops, and faucets must be on-site at time of templating Also, the edge-profile should be confirmed at this time. Digital templating is available at an additional cost. Prior to installation we suggest you have shut off valves installed (if not already in place). This will ensure water to the rest of the house during installation and until your plumber arrives to connect the sink.

The installation phase can take the better part of a day and can require some final cuts that MAY be made in your home. Please keep in mind that this is a major re-modeling job, there may be some residual dust over the next couple of days. At installation, we ask that you also clear the work area of any objects and clear a path for the installers to carry the granite. During the winter months we ask for snow to be cleared and slippery areas to be salted.

Sinks will be mounted and fully fastened by Diamond Perfected Stone Inc. We suggest you schedule a license plumber 24hrs after countertop installation, this would allow all silicone and poxy to cure properly. Sinks are cut with slight overhang to avoid any imperfections and to keep silicone stain free and dirt free, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Granite and Marble should be sealed annually, reason being it is susceptible to absorbing liquids. To avoid this we seal the stone prior to leaving the shop, and again when the installation is complete. When it comes time to re-seal, contact Diamond Perfected Stone Inc for a variety of stone sealers and cleaning products.

Your inspection of the finished job is very important. The lead installer will review the installation with you, answer any questions you may have and ask for payment of the final balance due for your project.